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Resilient tree list

In Summer 2020, members of the Mount Rainier Tree Commission developed a list of resilient trees to guide tree planting in the city. The listed trees are appropriate for Mount Rainier and represent our best guess at what trees will do well in the climate we will experience in the coming decades. Our understandings of tree longevity, of invasiveness potential and of climate are all continually evolving. We will revisit this list periodically.

Please note that in addition to climate, this list incorporates conditions specific to Mount Rainier. For example, the city has an overabundance of red maples, so that species was not included in this list, despite potentially being resilient. In other parts of the mid-Atlantic, additional trees could be considered for climate resilience.

We hope this list will be useful for residents, city staff and others, including those outside Mount Rainier. We welcome feedback on this list; please write to trees@20712.org

Gabriel Popkin,
Sep 14, 2020, 7:11 PM